Mark Hudis interview *spoilers* has posted scans of an article from Haverford College, interviewing Mark Hudis about the next season of True Blood.  A couple of details below the Read More!

Key points:

  • Hudis wants to bring the focus back to Bon Temp and tell “fewer stories with more characters.”  I took this to mean that he is going to condense down the number of storylines and involve greater numbers of the cast in that limited number of storylines rather than distribute them as they have been the last couple of years. So what will those storylines be…?
  • “Jason and Sookie will spend the year looking for Warlow, the vampire Sookie was promised to.”  So, if Jason and Sookie will be focused on Warlow, does this mean that Billith will only be a short-term story line? Or will Eric and the other vampires be dealing with him while Sookie and Jason focus on Warlow?

Is it June yet!?


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