Another season 6 pic *spoilery*

From JustJared, ASkars and Ryan Kwanten on set — perhaps rehearsing a scene? Below the Read More! And I’m off to Washington, folks, see you on the flip side!



7 responses to “Another season 6 pic *spoilery*

  1. Looks like Ryan is in costume?

  2. gah! where are you getting this pics, hon? you’re getting real good at this stalking business… love it!

    • Kimi, Facebook!!! It’s the virtual place to be, lol! Personally, not a fan of the flipflops, but hey, wearing boots all the time has to hurt even guys’ feet. And isismama,it does look like Ryan is in costume, Alex, not so much. But the expression on ASkar’s face is sort of hostile for casual interaction, and I saw someone else speculating rehearsal. Could be wrong, I guess!

      BTW, am writing from the lobby of the Gaylord National Hotel and I am officially overwhelmed by the size of this place. It is RIDICULOUSLY huge. Like, terrifyingly, stupidly, MONSTEROUSLY huge. And full of gymnasts or cheerleaders or something. Little girls with big hair bows, anyhow!

      • damn, FB! I’m beginning to think Toni is right about facebook and that I’m missing a lot by sticking to my FB-ban hahaha. Must. Be. Strong.

        where’s the Gaylord Hotel? DC? I’ll have to google that. take care, J!

  3. Love the way those pants fit AS –doesn’t leave much to the imagination, although I’m imaginging quite a lot at this time!! 🙂

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