First pics from season 6 set *spoilery*

Fallen_Star1 (lucky woman) was on set last night with Alex, KBVS and AP — and she has the slightly spoilery pics to prove it! Below the Read More.

Schermata-2013-01-11-a-12.01.57 Schermata-2013-01-11-a-12.02.41 Schermata-2013-01-11-a-12.02.52



8 responses to “First pics from season 6 set *spoilery*

  1. My, my, my Anna looks like one tired Mama.

  2. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Pics from the set!

  3. Treewitch, she can use her real life exhaustion to portray life on the run! Is that method? I’m struck by how pale ASkar’s is — not sure if it that is lighting, make up, or just that he finally shaved off the winter beard.

  4. AP looks a little drained (teehee).

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    Blood and all!

  6. Looks like they started filming right where they left off! Same hair/costume on KBVS. Cool!!

  7. what is wrong with me? i kinda like the tired look on anna. more than her bouncy look from the first season. ugh! but at least we know, we’ll see askars with AP right away in TB. sigh

  8. I’m lovin’ that we’re going to see everyone together at first, too, and hoping for some more Sooric goodness as a result.

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