TB Comic #8 preview *spoilers*

They just mailed the current issue of the True Blood ongoing comic out and I am pretty sure I’m going to be in DC on business when it arrives.  BOO!!!! But Aaron Long on Comicosity has posted a preview of the issue with several scans featuring Alcide and Rikki (in bed!), with Sookie, Eric and Jason seeking his help and ultimately consulting with Alcide’s father.  For all the promotional covers featuring Alcide and Sookie, it doesn’t look like the actual story line is going there, for which I am shouting a bit Sooric hooyah!

When I back from DC, if there is any Sookie/Eric goodness to share, I’ll put those scans up on my site, too.

BTW, again let me say how much I am <3ing on McMillz for the way he is drafting the stories and keeping them true(er) to the characters as we know them on screen.  If they ever kill off Steve Newlin for good, McMillz is well-positioned for a backup job as a TB comic writer.  We ❤ you, MM!


2 responses to “TB Comic #8 preview *spoilers*

  1. you’re going away again, sweetie? oh, bet D will miss you…

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