Possible title for 6.2 *spoilers*

SpoilerTV has listed what they claim is the title for 6.2.  I’ll post it here, but am not adding it to the running list of spoilers until we get some kind of confirmation.  Below the Read More!

According to DarkUFO, the title of 6.2 will be  “Here Comes the Sun”.  If this is accurate, then I suspect they will not use the Beatles version.  But which cover will they use? Here are some possibilities, by the order in which I think they sound most like True Blood-style pics.  YMMV!

My top pick: the Swedish metal band Ghost’s cover.  It has that funky/alternate vibe that I associate with TB music.

Or maybe the Voodoo Skull Dolls, which kind of fits the aggressive tone some covers have taken.

Less likely picks?

Yuna’s cover from the movie Savages:

Sheryl Crow:

Or how about Nina Simone’s cover, 1971?


2 responses to “Possible title for 6.2 *spoilers*

  1. Now that was fun. Thanks..

    • And now it has me thinking…so, if Young Niall was around in 3,500 BC, then Old Niall is about 5,500 years old. Would his “protective” mother be wanting to protect him from a proto-vampire like, say, Lilith? Or rather, what was passed down as the legend and blood of Lilith?

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