Spoilery fan picture?

A fan named AstridWeasley posted a picture of her encounter with Askars in an unidentified airport, presumably on his way back to the States after spending the holidays with his family.  So, it is just the lighting, or does what you can see of his hair under his hat look lighter than it has been recently? Or is just swept back more? I’m wondering if he had to have a frosting touch up before filming starts in January.



4 responses to “Spoilery fan picture?

  1. This is not a bash n anyone who knows me knows my obsession with askars but I honestly believe its his forehead. If u look to the side you can see his hair and in the middle of the top of his head u can see his hair is pulled back because of the hat. So I truly believe its the lighting hitting the top of his head.either way he’s still yummy to look at!!!

  2. I decided to go straight to the source and ask AstridWeasley what was up with ASkars’ hair in the picture. (And also what airport she met him in, if she wants to reveal that.) Y’know, sometimes it kills me when I know he’s hanging out in NYC because I am always torn between seriously wanting to go stalk him and feeling, well, like a stalker if I ever did it. So near and yet SO far…

  3. he’s still dashing even though he’s wearing a slytherin scarf. hee hee.

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