Elle Netherlands interview with ASkars

Askarsgard.com has the translation of Alexander Skarsgard’s interview from the January 2013 issue of Elle Netherlands.  Not a lot new here if you read a lot of Askars interviews, but they also have scans of all the pages.  And there was one little tidbit that I really enjoyed:

After all the action, horror and drama roles, we can hopefully see the more light-hearted side of the actor soon. Although he may well be a typical stoic Swede, his appearances in American talk shows have proven that he has a great sense of humor. Alexander laughs. “A comedy? I’d love to! After months in a bomb shelter, I’m ready for something lighter.” We would be, too.

I know Alex has been doing a lot of meaty acting roles the last few years, but I would love to see him in a comedy after such a lengthy run of solemn fare.


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