End paper illustration for “Dead Ever After” *spoilery*

Bookies know that Charlaine Harris has traditionally released a chapter of the upcoming Sookie Stackhouse book each December as a “Christmas gift” to the series’ fans.  This year, however, The Creator has opted not to do so — whether because she fears rioting or that it will just give too much away for the final book in the series, who knows? So I think most of us had resigned ourselves to no more clues until Dead Ever After is released in May, but a nice surprise on Charlaine’s site today!  They have posted the end paper illustration on the site. Check it out below:

My thoughts:  The emphasis seems to be on Sookie’s romantic history, with  former suitors (Sam, Quinn and Alcide) represented in their animal form, and Eric in human form.  As I was thinking about the meaning of all the other suitors being in their supernatural form, it occurs to me that the first suitor — Bill — is missing from the lineup, unless we assume he is represented by the bats.  It does seem significant that Eric is the only one in his human form.  While Sookie seems to be chasing Sam, since everyone is moving in the clockwise direction, I don’t know if that is meaningful.  I don’t think there is enough information to completely reassure my Sooric shipper heart, but I don’t see anything that alarms me, either.  Any thoughts, my astute reader friends?


5 responses to “End paper illustration for “Dead Ever After” *spoilery*

  1. Eric’s cloak looks like bats’ wings.

  2. As much as it pains me to admit this, I think Sam is going to be who she ends up with at the end of this series.

  3. Treewitch, good catch! I hadn’t really registered that.

    Puretextuality, my fear that you may be right is why I may wait until I can be spoiled before reading the book. I’m sure I’ll read it, but I think I’m going to want to be prepared if disappointment is a given and I will definitely not BUY if (just borrow it) if Eric is not game plan end.

  4. ditto, mvb! i’m going to read some spoilery first before i read the last book. my shipper heart will not be able to take the disappointment if sam is end game. ugh! they don’t have chemistry in books and show, how can that possibly happen?

  5. I think is just the principal ‘races’ of the book revealed in the moon: human/fairy(Sookie), shape-shifter(Sam), weretiger(Quinn), vampire/viking/SuperHotHusband/EndGame(Eric), Were/werewolf (Alcide). And I think in the picture would be wierd put the only ‘human’ forms together(Sookie and Eric), put they are the only one there! Plus they are “in front of each other”. My only fear is Charlaine saying she doesn’t know what people are reading, cause she is not writing a love story, and she was surprised by the fan base of Eric. Even through in my mind they will be together (cause if they aren’t I will erase and re-write in my mind so they will), Charlaine also said she didn’t see Sookie ever becoming a vampire, or Vampires having babies… So I think Sookie will end up with Sookie, yes alone… T_T

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