More casting spoilers

Apparently for minor roles, but we’re finally getting some action — and one of them is for episode 5. Below the Read More.

From Melodie Picard at Bookies Luv True Blood on Facebook:

TRUE BLOOD, Episode #601, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”


[LEAD STATE TROOPER] Male, Mid 30’s to 40’s. He is an intense Military type State Trooper. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR

[OCCUPY GIRL] Female, early 20’s. She is an occupy Wall Street type of activist. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR


TRUE BLOOD, Episode #605

[TEEN GIRL] Starts in Episode #605. She is an extremely attractive, wild 17 year-old girl with dark colored hair, a well-built body and know-it-all adolescent attitude that is busting at the seams (think: preacher’s daughter gone wild with a hint of naiveté). She has a rebellious spirit to say the least. She loves to have a good time, which includes tight clothes and chasing boys. SUBMIT LEGAL 18 TO PLAY 17. Possible nudity required.

My thoughts: Not a lot to go on here, but I agree with the ladies at on the possibility that the teen girl is the Governor of Louisana’s daughter.  Unless we have two politicians with daughters who are interested in vamps, then this might be the Texas daughter made out to be a bit younger.

Missed some spoilers? I keep a running list of everything as it comes out here.


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