Robert Patrick promoted *spoilery*

According to TVLine, actor Robert Patrick, who played Alcide’s father in season 5, will be promoted to a series regular in season 6.

Something wolfy this way came to True Blood last season — and now he’s not going anywhere.

Robert Patrick has been promoted to series regular in the HBO drama’s upcoming sixth season, Deadline reports. The X-Files alum guest-starred in a handful of episodes this past summer as Alcide’s wayward werewolf father Jackson Herveaux.

The actor’s True Blood status bump comes on the heels of the cancellation of ABC’s Last Resort, where he co-starred as the rogue submarine’s master chief.

I felt like the character was not used particularly well last season, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the real work for the character will be in season 6.  Nonetheless, I’m disappointed to hear that we will be getting a lot of Daddy Herveaux because it means we’ll be having a werewolf-heavy story line and I’m not sure I’ll be interested in that.  The only interesting possibility that occurs to me would be if Luna’s shifting on national TV outs all shifters so that the weres need to decide how to respond to public knowledge that they exist.  That might be entertaining.


2 responses to “Robert Patrick promoted *spoilery*

  1. are there any news on our favorite viking, mvb? it’s been too long… *sigh*

  2. Kimi, nothing spoilery yet, but he was at the movie premiere for Zero Dark Thirty yesterday, looking all beardy and VIkingish. I guess he’s enjoying the scruff before going back to work. Just think, only a couple of weeks before they start filming, woohoo!

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