True Blood Comics #6 & #7 *spoilers*

The latest issue of True Blood‘s ongoing comic series (#7) is out and it is Eric- and relatively Sooric-heavy!  Spoilers below the Read More.

Last month, the next story line in the True Blood ongoing comic series, “Shake With Me,” written by Michael McMillian and Annie Nocenti, kicked off.  I was personally kind of put off by the Sookie and Alcide shippery cover on #6, but was delighted to find that it was misleading.  While the story arc is focused on werewolves, two issues into the storyline, no Alcide yet, much less Alcide and Sookie hooking up.  In fact, guess who shows up in the very last panel of issue #6?  Our own Viking, sensing that Sookie is in trouble as she is surrounded by werewolves in the woods behind her house.

The current issue (#7) picks right up with Eric, alerted to Sookie’s distress, trying to leave Fangtasia (where he has been feeding on a girl, who he dismisses as “too salty anyhow”) only to be attacked in the parking lot by a werewolf.  This is an unusually powerful were, as it subdues Eric and knows his name, much to Eric’s surprise.  Meanwhile, Sookie calls for help, first calling (in what I think was a very token way) for Bill (who doesn’t show up, at least not yet) and then Eric, who spends several pages fighting with the were as he tries to get to Sookie.

How confident is Sookie that her Viking is coming to her aid?  She tells the circle of snarling weres that “…any second now, a tall, blond vampire is gonna swoop in from outta nowhere and I promise you, he isn’t going to be nearly as hospitable as me.” She does manage to blast them with some fairy light, which then peters out, but that does give her time to escape into her house.

After the were that has pinned down Eric explains who he is and why he is there (their pack is going to hunt humans in Bon Temps and are warning Eric not to interfere), Eric takes off into the air to get to Sookie.  Meanwhile, Jason has shown up at Sookie’s house and is being attacked just as Eric shows up to save the day.

There is some cute bantering off and on between Eric and Sookie once he shows up and Eric heals Jason with his blood at Sookie’s request. (May I say that I am slightly squicked and yet amused by the idea of Sookie’s brother having vampire-blood-fueled sex dreams about Eric?)

While the three of them talk about what kind of weres these are that are about to attack Bon Temps, there is a nice little artwork treat for Sooric shippers, as Sookie and Eric appear to hold hands for a moment as they talk about the threat.  I was torn between a WTF? reaction (since it wasn’t mentioned in the text) and just being happy to see it.

The weres seem to worship a mysterious god called Croatoan, who is said to have sired the first werewolf centuries ago. (Could Croatoan be the were equivalent of Lilith?) The pack leader had fought with Eric as a matter of ritual since Eric is “the area’s strongest protector”.

All in all, I found this issue very positive from a Sooric point of view: Eric is shown as desperate to get to Sookie in order to protect her, Bill is nowhere to be seen (and not missed thus far) and Sookie is shown as certain in her faith that Eric will be there for her.  There is also a lot of Eric in this issue:  out of the 22 pages of panels, 12 of the pages featured Eric.  (And dude, Michael Gaydos and Beni Lobel draw a beautiful Eric.) Michael McMillian writes a good Eric and there is even a bit of Pam and Tara in this issue, too!  Here’s hoping that Eric remains involved in the storyline.

Descriptions of what is coming in future issues, courtesy of

True Blood Ongoing #8: With Bon Temps facing eradication by an ancient and powerful wolf pack, the town’s best hope lies with Sookie and Alcide convincing the werewolves and vampires to set aside their differences and work together. But with vampires taking the blame for the initial attacks, tensions are high.

True Blood Ongoing #9:  The latest True Blood storyline comes to an end in an all-out battle! Jason and Sookie struggle to keep their shaky alliance of vampires and werewolves together long enough to save Bon Temp from an ancient and powerful wolf pack. Find out how successful they are in this hair-raising issue!

True Blood Ongoing #10: Michael McMillian (w) o Greg Scott (a) o Michael Gaydos (c) Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues in this ongoing series! Now that the ‘Shake For Me’ storyline has come to a close, we take a closer look at ALCIDE HERVEAUX and what makes this brooding werewolf tick, in this special one-off story!

When looking at the gallery of scans from issue #7, remember that to see the page at full size, open the picture and then click TWICE on “See Full Size” at the bottom right, below the sharing options.


8 responses to “True Blood Comics #6 & #7 *spoilers*

  1. It looks like Pam is still getting some of the best lines.

    • I think that the writing is better since Michael McMillian got involved. He seems to have a good ear for how the characters “should” sound, including the kind of quips Pam would make. (The whole “I’m sorry, have we met?” sounded very Eric-like to me!) The characters sound more true to the show than some of the earlier writing in the series.

  2. Great stuff! Thanks!

    • Hey, happy to know someone else reads the comic posts, lol! I’m much happier with the comic as written by McMillz at the moment than some of the previous story arcs and I’m loving having so much Eric to look forward to in the off-season.

  3. myvikingboyfriend, do you actually like the wolves? They dont seem to do anything but get their assses killed by everyone. Alcide kills a pathetic Were leader and becomes the new leader to a pack of weak mentally-challenge rednecks; that doesn’t sound like a great storyline.

    • I don’t care much about the wolves, nope, although every now and again they might show something about their social structure this is kind of interesting. (Like eating Marcus, which was disgusting but created some interesting tension between Alcide and Marcus’s mother.) But, honestly, the werepanthers were more interesting because at least they were so wildfly dysfunctional. The weres only get interesting if they are doing something like getting hooked on V, which is why I’m sure they resurrected that story line AGAIN. But when they are just hard-working folks who run every full moon? Not interesting at all. Zzzzzz.

      I can’t quite imagine what they are doing to do with Alcide and the new pack unless they are forced to choose sides in the human/vamp war because of Billith. Weres are definitely supporting players in the TB universe, at least so far.

      • Thank you for replying back. I really doubt they can support anyone; they couldn’t even take on baby vamps.The writers keep the wolf storyline just so they get an excuse to strip Alcide. I’m pretty sure certain viewrs are throwing dollar bills at their screens when he shows up.

        • I am going to sound terrible saying this, but my liking for Alcide has cooled a lot since JM did Magic Mike. JM himself seems to be a cute, down-to-earth guy, but I’m wary that his success in the movie is going to tempt TB to move more in an Alcide/Sookie direction than Eric/Sookie. So, I’m flat-out biased. And nothing personal, JM, noting personal…but I want Sookie to puke on you again and you to find her kind of disgusting. 😛

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