New casting detail from Michael Ausiello *spoilers*

Update from Michael Ausiello on a casting call that was first mentioned in October and his take on the most recent one.  Below the Read More!

From Michael Ausiello at TVLine:

Question: Looking for some tidbits, morsels or anything on True Blood. I love your site and check it out daily. — Scotty
Ausiello: Thanks, Scotty! This summer, Bon Temps’ vampire population will face something that’s potentially even more dangerous than the sun: Crate & Barrel! I’m sorry, I mean Creighton Burrell. Not only is the new regular character a morally murky politician — and the governor of Louisiana! — but he also has a major hate-on for fangers, owing to the fact that his wife ditched him with their daughter to be with one!
 Question: Any True Blood scoop? My fangs are starting to come out for lack of blood sugar — I mean, Season 6 info. — Ashley

Ausiello: Sink those fangs into this, Ashley: When the show returns, we’ll be introduced to a cockeyed optimist named Nicole Jannsen who runs with a (no pun intended) pack of civil rights activists in the (pun intended) vein of the 1960s Freedom Riders. Unfortunately for the lot of ’em, their good intentions aren’t necessarily backed up by a whole lotta common sense.

My thoughts:  Could this be more detail on the politician role that was described last month as a Rick-Perry-like warmonger who has a daughter? That casting call previously said the politician was from Texas, but maybe they have now moved him a bit closer to Sookie’s home by making him the Governor of Louisana.  I’m also wondering if the vampire the former First Lady of Louisiana left him for is anyone we know? Because what kind of vamp does the wife of a governor leave her husband for? Perhaps say, a King of Louisiana and/or new Guardian of the Vampire Authority?

Can’t keep all the spoilers to date straight? Neither can I! Which is why I keep them all on a single page for easy reference.  Check it out if you think you have missed something.




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