I don’t normally repost a lot of the non-TB news, but I am excited by the idea of Alex as Tarzan — if it’s done well. Rumor has it that this is being though of as a trilogy.


The November 30th edition of Entertainment Weekly has been getting much attention for its Sons of Anarchy cover/story. But it’s the inside pages that made me squeal like the fan girl I am with mentions of Alexander Skarsgård (and pictures).

If you can’t get your hands on the magazine just yet and are “dying” to see… Don’t worry, I’ve got the EW digital edition screen shots for you below 🙂

While we are still waiting for official word yay or nay, the Alex as Tarzan rumors continue to gather steam in the “Hollywood Notes” section.


And EW makes their thoughts load and clear on How they feel about Alex being up for the Role of Tarzan with a mention in their “Bullseye” segment. It’s very telling that they have him very very close to the bullseye mark.


And the caption “He Tarzan? We excited!” says it all.

I admit, I’m…

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