interview with ASkars

The ladies at spoke for nearly 20 minutes with Alexander Skarsgard.  This is an audio-only feed.

Some of the highlights:

  • Alex talks about work during the hiatus and what it is like to go back to Italy for the first time since he became known for True Blood
  • Alex talks about the relationships of Pam/Eric and Kristin/Alex — and he says there may be more Pam/Eric flashbacks in season 6!
  • He talks about Eric and Bill’s character arcs in season 5, with Bill going dark and Eric becoming the counterbalance to that without becoming too soft. Lengthy discussion about how Eric wasn’t sure what was happening with Bill while they were at the Authority until the very end.
  • No details about season 6 yet, but he says the writers have been writing for two months already and everyone is anxious to get back to it.
  • A little discussion of What Maisie Knew.

Thanks to Mel and Liz for conducting the interview!

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