Description for “Dead Ever After” *spoilers*

VikingWenches has posted the description for Dead Ever After from what looks like it may be the UK publisher!

Sookie Stackhouse has one last adventure in store.

Life has taken her from a waitress in Merlotte’s Bar, Bon Temps, to part owner; from social outcast to the heart of her community; from a vampire’s girlfriend to the wife of one of the most powerful vampires in the state. She has survived earthquakes, revolutions and attempts on her life. Sookie has endured betrayal, heartbreak and grief … and she has emerged a little stronger, and little wiser, every time.

But with life comes new trials …

The question is, in the end: who will love, who will live, and who will be dead ever after?

My thoughts: Okay, so if we can assume that Sam is the one who will live, can we rule him out as who will love? And I’m thinking that maybe Bill finally be dead ever after — unless, of course, it is Sookie herself, being turned despite everything CH has claimed until now.


5 responses to “Description for “Dead Ever After” *spoilers*

  1. I have no clue where CH is going to take this series in the end. I would love to see both Sookie & Eric work together and sacrifice to be the last couple standing. Otherwise, if they are not to be, I would like to see Sookie survive & move on. Maybe book Sookie’s future is not destined to be with a vampire or were, but with a nice demon instead. Only CH knows & she is not talking. Hopefully, it goes out with a bang… I gotta say that I love love love the cover art for the new book.

    • Do you mean the UK cover or the US one? I love the slinky/sexy Sookie cover of the UK one, although there are fewer ‘clues’ to be had that way.

      At this point, I know what I want, but I’m resigned to dealing with whatever we’re given. Thank goodness for fanfiction — it means I will get the ending I want no matter what, if that makes sense!

  2. Those of you who read the last book, know that Sookie didn’t choosed to free Eric of his curse and make him a human … she could have done it , she had the power to do so, just with one single wish from her magic box ! Instead she saved Sam’s life and saw Eric leave with some kind of resignation … to get married to this other vamp queen. The author has always make it very clear that Sookie is very attached to her human roots, even if she is not totally human … and she also said she had the ending of the story at a very early stage of her writing. So, we can assume that Sookie will end up with another human, even if we all wish that Eric would be that human, turned by magical fairy love …. let’s hope for the best !!

  3. Hey just popping in to say LOVE this blog! Love Eric on True Blood, and I’m so glad to see someone else is obsessing about him. I’m literally writing a viking-vampire/werewolves go to war kind of paranormal romance series, but Mr. Skarsguard is my model for the hero. I’ve been doing all this research on vikings as a result– it’s so fun.

    • Oh, thank you! I needed an outlet for my Eric and Sookie obsession since I was driving coworkers crazy, so I’m always happy when someone else stops by to share the Viking madness! And now I’ll have to keep an eye out for your book (or is it books??) since I love ASkars-inspired characters.

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