“Dead Ever After” cover released

The cover for the FINAL Sookie Stackhouse book was released today. The book will be released in hardcover and E-book format on May 7, 2013.  The cover is below the Read More in case you just can’t stand to be even that spoiled!


My thoughts: To me (as to other readers who I see have this same interpretation), this looks like Sookie is turning her back on her previous suitors — the dog (Sam), the wolf (Alcide) and the tiger (Quinn) as she follows the bats (Eric).  She is also wearing Eric’s favorite color of red as she says goodbye.  To me, this bodes well!
That said, I’m not going to rest easy until we really know what happens because I don’t trust Charlaine Harris any more than I did Alan Ball to give us a Happily Ever After conclusion for Eric and Sookie. In many ways, it seems the most logical story conclusion as far as the romance storylines go, but I always think about the fact that Charlaine is not writing a traditional romance genre book — she is writing mysteries that have romantic elements in them.  To me, this means all bets are off.  Add to that that in one of her previous series, there was not (IMO) a happy ending romantically for one of her characters and I get a little twitchy.
But for now, I have to say this looks promising for Sooric lovers. 😀

7 responses to ““Dead Ever After” cover released

  1. Not to rain on your parade, but I think this is really ambiguous. It could be that Sookie is watching Eric go away –to Oklahoma and she’s looking back at her other options…. sigh..I sure hope I’m wrong…..
    Love your stuff!

  2. Dang it, Pat, that is a reasonable explanation, too. Argh! Although I’m approaching the book by expecting the worst so that I might have a chance of being pleasantly surprised.

  3. I think it depends on whether that is a sunrise or sunset.

  4. Treewitch, good point, and the thing with sunrise and sunset is you can’t really tell unless you have a geographical orientation, which this doesn’t. What a tease it is!

  5. Someone on the EricizMine bratpack site on FB had this to say about the flowers:

    Hmm…while the rose (maybe a Queen Anne?) could represent OK, it could also represent Sookie…if Eric were to take over. And considering that this is what I found on purple daisy’s….

    Purple Daisy Meaning

    The purple daisy represents innocence, royal beauty, being associated with the fifth wedding anniversary. It is a flower representing a love that conquers all.

    However/also..regarding the tomato: “The scientific species epithet lycopersicum means “wolf peach”, and comes from German werewolf myths. These said that deadly nightshade was used to summon werewolves, so the tomato’s similar, but much larger, fruit was called the “wolf peach” when it arrived in Europe”

    • Oooooh, I thought about meaning of the flowers and the tomatoes but I hadn’t gotten around to doing the research yet. Thanks for sharing the info! The purple daisy was especially intriguing.

  6. looking at this cover, the meaning seems very clear …Sookie is turning her back on all her previous love interests : Quinn the Tiger, Sam the Shiffter, Alcide the werewolf and Eric, Bill the Vampires bats …she is facing the sun, which means she is turning her back from the moon and all the darkness. The fairies are made of light, so it could be that Sookie ends up with a fairy boy ! But I would rather go for a basic human ..still with the hope that her magic will make Eric turn human …but I agree with you, CH is not willing to give us this ending, she could have done it already with the magic box in her previous book … but Sookie choosed to save Sam’s live instead of freeing Eric from his curse ….and there was only one wish to be made !! Arghhhhhhhhh

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