The Real Me, Chapter 3

And my quest to have Eric and Sookie find their ways to themselves and to each other continues! While I may be able to post one more chapter this month, do not expect one the last week of October as I am going to be traveling to Virginia for work.  My writing time is going to be several constrained that week, alas.

Oh, and I really enjoyed using the word “maw” here.  So sue me.

The Real Me, Chapter 3: Into the Maw of the Authority


2 responses to “The Real Me, Chapter 3

  1. Where in VA are you traveling? I live in No. Virginia and work in Herndon……
    Sigh….these two…..

  2. Pat, I’m going to be in Richmond for a three days, arriving on a Wednesday night by train and then leaving the Saturday evening. My Virginia geography isn’t good enough to know without googling whether that is anywhere close to you or not.

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