translation of Café Magazine article has scans of a 4-page spread in Cafe Magazine along with translation of the article from Swedish.
A couple of interesting tidbits from the article, which is well worth reading in full:

“I have two agents, a manager, a publicist, a business manager, a ad/commercial/advertising/publicity agent. So it’s all about finding people you really trust”, Skarsgård says. [Wow! Who knew?]

And yet…

Speaking of the industry. I’m guessing you have a publicist watching over every single word you say in interview these days?

“I have a publicist, but not with me here in New York. I went by myself. I’m very Swedish that way. And I’m very much my father’s son. I’m uncomfortable by people speaking for me and wiping my mouth. I’m from a different culture. I always show up to shoots and press junkets alone. But of course you need help too. Before I didn’t get why I needed a publicist at all, but then I realized it’s a full time job.”

And the reporter asked almost the the same question I did in the NY Times interview…  🙂 :

How does it feel to be a sex symbol?

“Fuck if I know, I don’t really think about it. I just try to find good projects.” He holds his breath for a few seconds before he continues: “The roles I did last year weren’t any “pretty boys” in the slightest. No well groomed fellows in the slightest. I played a bald office worker for example. You have to show you’re an actor before all.

On living in LA:

You’ve bought a house in LA now. Do you think you’ll stay here?

”I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen after True Blood, which is shot here. I’m here in Los Angeles for seven months a year – and travel five. Before I’ve shared a house with someone, or rented something. I stayed at a hotel for five months and then moved in to a friend’s guestroom, but after that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed a base somewhere in the world, a home where I could unpack my bags.”

On what is surprising about being a celebrity:

Has something surprised you about being a celebrity?

“No, but someone said: ‘You’re still just as boring now that you’re famous, the only difference is that now people think it’s their fault.’ And it’s actually a lot like that haha: ‘Oh no, he’s bored’, instead of ‘Oh no, he’s boring!’.

Definitely check the rest of the article out and HUGE thank you to the Tumblr user who translated this!  I know we’re all working on our Swedish now, but mine just isn’t there yet… 😉



One response to “ translation of Café Magazine article

  1. He is so Scandinavian! I love it!! We are so independent, stubborn & self-possessed. We like to drink & have fun, but with everyday life we like to nest & be boring. : ) He really does not get all of the attention & really is about the work.

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