SFX Interview with ASkars

With season 5 currently airing in the UK, SFX talked with Alexander Skarsgard and he shared a few thoughts about  Eric (aka my Viking boyfriend!) Alex’s thoughts on Eric are below the Read More.  Full interview is here.

Might Eric and Sookie get back together this season? Because Eric seems to get over her quite quickly when we meet his sister…

“Well, the relationship with Nora is quite different. And with Sookie, he’s not over her, it’s more about that he punishes himself because he opened up and let her in. Last season even after the spell was gone, he said, ‘I still want you,’ and she said no! So he’s like, ‘You f**king idiot, this is what happens when you open up, this is the reason you have this wall around yourself emotionally, because when you let a human in, you get hurt!’ So even though there is still obviously a connection he’s very much… No.”

What do you like about Eric?

“Eric? I love him. He’s been around for a thousand years so he doesn’t really give a f**k. He’s seen it all, done it all. Initially what attracted me to him was that they introduced him as a villain, and I loved that because I knew that there was more to him than evil. I think we’ve all got both forces within us, and I loved that you had to back up and go, ‘Wait a minute! I wanted him to be a villain but now I sympathise with what he’s doing.’”



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