New story

I know, you probably think all I do is troll for spoilers and pictures of ASkars, but no! I do still write fanfiction, albeit slowly and with too many adverbs.  I have finally posted the first chapter of the promised third story in my series that began with She’s Not There, continued with He’s Not There, and is now going to conclude with The Real Me.

The story teaser: While Eric was under a spell, he and Sookie exchanged blood, forming a bond that is more than Sookie bargained for. Now that he has his memories back, can Sookie still love and trust the real Eric? And how will they handle it when they discover that their bond is more significant to both vampire and fairy kinds than either of them expected? Sookie and Eric POVs.

The Real Me, Chapter 1: Flying Away

Fair warning to my non-True Blood readers: even if you have read the previous two stories, I make reference early on to incidents that you would not have read about but which are well-established in the show canon.  I’m sorry if you are confused.  You might want to go read a True Blood wiki for recaps if it becomes hopeless.  😀  Or just go with it.  Channel Eric and his gold-fish-like embrace of experiencing things as they flowed when his memories disappeared!

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