CK Encounter B roll footage

ASkars was in NYC yesterday for the CK Encounter party.  Any time he’s in the city, I am a little crazy since he’s both  so near (an hour and 10 minutes away by train!) and yet so far (because I rarely have a good reason to go into the city, boo!)  But at least I can watch video, like the one below.  It’s pretty choppy, but there were a couple of tidbits that I thought made it worth reposting.  (You know, besides the sheer gorgeousness of Skarsgard himself, which is a given.)

I loved the little bit around 4:40 where he is posing with Olivia Wilde and Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock and he subtly reaches over and fondles McBrayer’s hair from behind without looking away from the paparazzi.


2 responses to “CK Encounter B roll footage

  1. Error loading…….wahhhhh.

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