Christmas in August!

So, I revisited my “wish list” for the finale and have to declare that the episode turned out to be Christmas in August!  Here were my wishes:

  1. Eric rescues Sookie and the other fairies. Hopefully without flipping out and eating a bunch of them himself. ;-)
  2. Eric kills Russell.  I love, love, love Russell, but so long as he is alive, he is a threat to Sookie.  This would be Eric’s third opportunity to kill Russell and he really, REALLY needs to follow through this time.
  3. Bill chooses to remain dark when given the choice to reject the Lilith wackiness.

Obviously, I not only got what I wanted, but Billith was the extra-big-special present that I didn’t even expect.  Still squeeing in joy over the outcome.  Did you get what you wanted?


2 responses to “Christmas in August!

  1. Absolutely! I just hope the writers don’t have Sookie spend all her time trying to “redeem” Bill –you know “true love (gag) conquers all’…..

  2. I’m really, REALLY hoping that the Bill we know is dead and that what remains is a bastardization. I’ve been thinking all season that all the little “gifts” they were giving to the B/S shippers (like Bill’s “humanity” goodbye speech to Sookie in the glamouring scene and the hand holding while looking for Russell) were to given them good memories before they turned Bill evil. That they bothered with to do that makes me think that BIll as we knew him is gone and that B/S is done as well.

    NOW, of course, I’m a little twitchy with how cute they are making Nora and Eric together. If Bill is no longer part of an Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle, will they set up a Nora/Eric/Sookie triangle instead? Of will Warlow play a role instead?

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