Season finale/5.12 “Save Yourself” Thoughts

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were some lame moments, but WOW!!!!!! They went there! They REALLY WENT THERE!!!! Definitely the best episode of this season, IMO.

What I loved:

  • ERIC! OMG, Eric!!! He killed Russell in a VERY satisfying way. Third time was the charm!
  • Bill, OMG, you totally evil fuck.  Loved how he duped Salome, how he told off Sookie and then when he dissolved into a pile of GOO! OMG!!!! I never, EVER thought they would go there.  And even when he comes back next season, Bill as we knew him is dead. He is truly in Big Bad mode, imbued by Lilith’s power.  So, SO good!
  • Loved the brilliance of Luna shapeshifting into Steve Newlin to free Emma, although her rescue is still in question. And Luna has just inadvertently outed shifters on national TV.  Bet THAT is going to have some repercussions.
  • Sam turning into a fly and then shifting back into himself while inside Roslyn thus turning her into goo? Brilliantly corny and evil but fabulous.
  • Pam and Tara!!!  That was a much faster payoff than I expected as a Para shipper.
  • I love that Eric has ridiculous amounts of cash stashed in the walls of Fangtasia.
  • It kind of cracked me up that what finally sold Jason on going into the Authority was his Ghost Daddy reminding him of how many “vampers” he could kill inside.  And oh, did he! Jason is like a one-man army.
  • Alcide kicking ass as the new packmaster. Go, Alcide!
  • Poor Jess, finally saying she loves Jason just in time for him to go all anti-vamp, period.
  • Poor Rikki, having been forced to take the V, but yay on her for calling out Alcide on just ducking and running out on her!
  • Eric hanging upside down in Jason’s car window and telling him to pull over 1. startled the hell out of me and 2. make me crack up. And I loved that when he announced Sookie was “his” to the Authority guard, the only one who reacted was Jason.  Sookie knew how to play that game.

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • The fairy birthing was kind of eye-roll inducing, although I laughed when I realized there were FOUR and that Andy is being left with them! The orgasmic birthing? Kind of cringe-worthy for me, though.
  • Joe Manganiello kept saying he got to sexually eviscerate someone this season.  Not that I necessarily wanted to SEE that, but I think they decided not to have him do that to JD, who also sounded like he deserved it after Rikki said he raped the younger girls in the pack.  Awwww. Yeah, I’m kind of blood-thirsty.

What I hated:

  • Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Questions still hanging out there:

  • Is Luna going to make it or will that last shift kill her?
  • Will Jason turn against the vamps he is with?
  • What does Nora know about Warlow?

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