Eric owning Sookie’s house *spoilery speculation*

I’m pondering the writers’ reasons for Eric to continue to own Sookie’s house.  Brief thoughts below the Read More because of a couple of spoilers for 5.12.

Well, obviously the initial purpose for Eric to own Sookie’s house in season 4 was to amp up the tension when Sookie comes back to find Eric is her new “landlord” and to have an excuse for Eric to have a vamp-safe space in the house during the amnesia spell.

But given that Eric’s ownership of Sookie’s house leaves her vulnerable to attacks by other vamps, why haven’t the writers ensured that Eric gives her the house back yet?

My assumption is that they are planning on having someone attack the house while Sookie is still unprotected.  All season long, I thought this was likely a set up for Russell to have a means to get into Sookie’s house without an invitation. But, based on the clip from 5.12 that prompts the discussion of Eric owning Sookie’s house, it appears that Russell has been dealt with. Since the action in 5.12 appears to be moving to the Authority headquarters in NOLA next, I think that we can assume that the foreshadowed attack on Sookie’s house will most likely occur in early season 6 before Eric can even give her the deed.

So, who do you think will attack Sookie’s unprotected home?


One response to “Eric owning Sookie’s house *spoilery speculation*

  1. The feral pack of baby vamps has the max potential for fuckery. Given their track record…that is probably the way it will fall out.

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