Rutina Wesley talks about Pam and Tara *spoilery

Great new TV Guide interview with Rutina Wesley, talking about how being a vampire has changed Tara this season and particularly about Tara’s evolving relationship with Pam.  Excerpts below the Read More.  For more, Q&A, following the link to the main interview!

[Tara] has pushed everyone away this season, including Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Sookie (Anna Paquin). Do you think that will be permanent, or might she let them back in?
Ultimately Tara will probably get caught back up in that, but I do think that that’s going to take time. I think she is still extremely upset with them, even though they saved her life, so to speak. Even though she’s dead, she’s still there. She will, hopefully, come to terms with that. Like I said in that scene with Bill, there will always be some pull to save her, and I think that Tara eventually will come running to save the day. In the finale, you’ll see us most likely all come together, and there’ll be a lot of crazy things happening.

Pam and Tara’s relationship has really evolved this season, especially when you consider Pam took the fall for Tara killing Elijah. Will Tara try to save Pam from the Authority?
I do think she feels a lot of guilt, but I also think she [thinks], “Wow, she really cares about me.” Ultimately, Tara’s very loyal to those who are loyal to her.She’s going to try to do everything she can to help Pam. We all will come together in that finale and have to be dealing with the Authority. It’s a very cool ending. It’s definitely a different cliff-hanger than we’ve had before. It’s going to be very, very interesting to see how Tara gets involved with the Authority and Sookie and everyone else.

Tara seemed particularly uncomfortable by Jessica’s comment that Tara might have feelings for Pam. What will we see from that in the finale?
I do think that there is some confusion. She’s embarrassed by it. She’s had [mostly Pam’s] blood, so usually when you have a vampire’s blood, there’s those crazy sex dreams. Romance is the furthest thing from Tara’s mind, but she may not be able to stop it. When she saw Pam being carted off, she’s questioning in her head, “What is going on? What am I feeling for this woman that’s taking care of me?” It’s very weird for Tara, because she hated Pam last season, and now all of a sudden she’s feeling strange emotions. I think that the finale will answer all of those questions.


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