Extended peek at finale *spoilers*

HBO revealed the extended peek at the season finale, 5.12, “Save Yourself.”  Below the Read More!

My thoughts:  Okay, so Sookie has been rescued and is at home with Jason (and her Mama and Daddy ghosts – is that a side effect from the fairy blast for Jason, perhaps?) Since she knows Nora is Eric’s sister, can we still assume that Eric swooped in and took care of Russell?  I would guess that Eric and Nora then went to Fangtasia, where Tara told them Pam has been taken to the Authority.  This is when Eric decides that the way to get through to Bill is through Sookie and they come back to Sookie’s house.  I’m not a huge fan of the bromance for various reasons, but I appreciate that Eric is willing to do something that has to be hard for him personally — taking Sookie to Bill and asking her to persuade Bill to change his behavior — despite the pain it causes him.  It’s also interesting that this is, for Tara, all about Sookie owing Pam and being certain that she comes through on that debt.

Anyone remember what the deal was for Sookie to get her house back? All I can recall is what I wrote in my story which was a bit more complicated and now I can’t recall what the actual screen deal was in exchange for Sookie taking care of Eric.

ETA: I was thinking about the weird ittle name-calling exchange between Eric and Jason, trying to figure out why they would bother with it in the circumstances. It establishes the two characters’ feelings about one another in a strangely cutesy way.  Why do they want to show how Eric and Jason feel about one another and that Sookie becomes the referee between them? Is it just to establish a background for their working together later in the night? Or is it something more? What it reminded me of was the sort of silly antagonism you give, say, to two guys who are going to have to deal with one another because they’re going to be related as brothers-in-law or something.  It just seems like a strange place to remind one another that Eric and Jason have reasons not to get along.


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