Another finale pic *spoilery*

Another pic from the finale below the Read More.

I think Sookie must be who they are all looking at.  As a shipper, I’m torn between thrilled and anxiousness about how the meeting between Sookie and Nora will go.  Will it be angsty? Will Sookie be jealous? Will Nora? What will Eric’s view be on both of them in a room together? Is he going to explain Nora as his sister? His lover? What? And you know that Tara can probably smell they recently had sex so that if he doesn’t tell Sookie about sleeping with Nora, Tara totally could fill her in.  Yes, I’m too much in fanfic girl mode here since I know the important thing is saving the world, not the Sooric ship.  *hangs head in shame*


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