MVB’s wishlist for the season 5 finale

I’ve been thinking about what I would like to see in the season five finale. Below the Read More!

I’m actually keeping this pretty short because it is limited to what I really hope to see, not what could happen or things that may resolve later.

  1. Eric rescues Sookie and the other fairies. Hopefully without flipping out and eating a bunch of them himself. 😉
  2. Eric kills Russell.  I love, love, love Russell, but so long as he is alive, he is a threat to Sookie.  This would be Eric’s third opportunity to kill Russell and he really, REALLY needs to follow through this time.
  3. Bill chooses to remain dark when given the choice to reject the Lilith wackiness.

What do you really want to see?


3 responses to “MVB’s wishlist for the season 5 finale

  1. I would also like to see Eric rescue Sookie. Dark bill would be good..

    But I must say have not liked this season at all…

  2. I think it has been the most uneven season so far. There were some good points but I have spent more time facepalming than I have in any previous season. I’m not loathing it, but I’m sort of missing some of the high points of earlier seasons.

  3. I agree about the unevenness of this season. Ugh…..there have been some bright spots –Russell, Steve Newlin, Roman —-but some of the side stories socked monkey balls. I like your list –I hope it’s realistic. And….now what about Season 6. I guess it’ll be pretty well open season since AB is moving off…. I could almost see a Vamp Summit to discuss the Mainstreaming vs Sanguinista issues –and of course, the hotel being blown up –but given the way humans are currently feeling about vamps, I don’t think the vamps would garner much sympathy.

    I used to be so sad at the end of the seasons –this one…not so much….

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