5.11 Sunset thoughts

Overall, a good episode with some great developments and one or two OMG That Was Lame moments.  Below the Read More if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know.

What I loved:

  • Jessica and Jason working together to fool the Authority Security and avoid getting Jason turned.  Good thinking! And loved how Jess’s “Trust me” echoed Eric’s words to Sookie in season 2.  Nice touch.
  • I really enjoy evil-minded, self-righteous Bill.  I hope he stays that way for at least another season. He’s scary in that mode. I loved what a total shit he was to Jessica when she asked if she could turn Jason!  And the terrible way he treated her when she defied him.  And the enhanced viewing promises that this new Bill is not going anywhere for a while, woohoo! Bill is a True Believer now.
  • The idea that Lilith is “telling” all the vamps that they are the Chosen One is pretty cool. As Stephen Moyer described it, it’s like she’s set up a game of Vampire Survivor to see who is the strongest.
  • I loved Pam’s explanations for why nests get so crazy, although it still doesn’t explain why Lilith’s blood is “V on steroids.”
  • I hate to say it, but I love Eric’s Chancellor sweater. The man can wear black like nobody’s business.
  • Unfortunately for the General, Eric’s plan to get out of the compound on a glamouring mission was pretty smart.  Damn that Bill and his insistence on security going with them, although the way Eric “turned the station” was also nifty.
  • The only thing I enjoyed about the Fairie Elder was her telling Sookie that there is a reason she likes vampires and ‘sluts her heart’ out to them. Oh, and the Elder backing Sookie on the plan to fight Russell. Don’t know how they’re going to do it after he chomped her down, but love that Sookie is willing to fight.
  • I find it hilarious that the fairies can pop out babies on a weekly basis.  No wonder Claude has so many sisters!
  • I ship Tara and Pam, so I’m glad they are finally hinting at going there. And I especially enjoyed Pam, Tara and Jess hanging out together. Poor Jess is going to need someone after the way Bill turns on her.
  • Roslyn made Elijah? WTF? One of 204? No wonder he was such a little creep — how can you be a good maker with that many progeny? That said, it was kind of fun to know that is where the brief Sheriff of Area 5 came from.
  • They took our Pam! Which gives Eric a solid reason to go back into the HQ again.  I don’t give a fang about him stopping Bill, but I do want to see him rescue his Pammy.  And Jess, too, since her “daddy” has turned into a creep.
  • Also loved the way Russell and Steve snatched poor ol’ Jason and glamoured him — according to plan!
  • It’s pretty nifty that Russell, having consumed enough fairy light from drinking the Elder, can now see the fairy bar — and I’m assuming, enter. Let’s assume Steve cannot, though.
  • I’m glad that Sam and Luna got inside to rescue Emma and are blending in with the rest of the naked humans, but I’m nervous for Sam volunteering to be Bill’s breakfast.  I don’t trust Bill not to eat him!

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • Okay, glad Nora has come around. Sort of. Only because it gives Eric an ally in getting out of the Authority.  But I need brain bleach for the loving reunion.  All I can hope is that they are setting up some angst when Sookie finds out Eric has “moved on.” The killer is that until Nora comes into the room, it’s possible to think he’s worried about Sookie as much as himself, but then he goes and leaps on Nora.  Ick, ick, ick. YMMV, of course. My only consolation is that in the Enhanced interview, Lucy Griffiths says it wasn’t about romance, but connection and desperation. Askars also says that while Eric is happy to have rescued Nora, he still has to go save Sookie, so he can’t really enjoy his victory yet.
  • So, Nora heard MORE from Godric than Eric did? Or is this a continuity screw up? “If you kill and kill, there will be nothing left, not even you.”

What I hated:

  • The Elder Fairie was lame.

Questions still unanswered:

  • What is Lilith really? It looks as if she is leaving real blood behind, so what is going on? She seems to be more than just a hallucination
  • What did the Elder Fairie know about Russell Edgington? She seemed especially upset to hear he was still around.
  • Why the hell was Alcide standing around chopping dirt with a hoe?
  • I assume Eric is still going to try to rescue Sookie. But will he be able to resist the siren smell of fairy long enough to do it? He pounced on Claudine back in the day because he couldn’t resist, so I can imagine that he could have a hard time keeping control, even to save Sookie.  Unless, of course, he absorbed some of Sookie’s light when they exchanged blood and THAT does something. *rubbing hands together in glee*

Only one more episode to go!!!


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