TV Guide interview with Jim Parrack

I actually thought I posted this four days ago.  This is what happens when I post too much!

TV Guide interview with Jim Parrack. Do not read if you haven’t seen 5.10, Gone, Gone, Gone.

Some excerpts:

Let’s talk about filming the glamouring scene, as well as the scene where Hoyt doesn’t remember Jason. How hard was that for not only you, but for Deborah and Ryan?
It was tough for all of us. Those were my two best friends on the show. When I found out, when Alan called me to tell me what was going to happen, I didn’t want to tell everybody right off. I pulled Ryan and Deborah aside and they both got emotional and I got emotional. The day that we shot the scene, which I haven’t seen it yet, it felt good. I think it was easy enough for all of us because there were parallels there. What was happening in the imaginary situation was us saying goodbye and the three of us were also saying goodbye.

Do you think this was the most-fitting ending for him? Are you glad they didn’t kill him off?
Oh, yeah. The writers have always been so good and so in touch with the actors. What I do like best is I didn’t end up stepping on a land mine, or a vampire didn’t fall out of a tree and snap my neck or something. It was this progression to this choice being made. The character had experience. He was now going to make a choice and I like that. I like when you see people making choices because change has happened in their life. So I’m glad Hoyt’s still alive and I like that it was his choice. He says, “I’m going to go.”

How do you think Hoyt’s exit will affect Jason and Jessica in the long run?
There’s a couple different things they could do. They could either kind of be touched by the cost of their actions together and draw a line or a boundary in the sand, or they could say, “Because of that loss, we better make it count, better make it worth something.”

I think that when we shot it, a strange thing happened where so much of my time playing Hoyt has been about the Jessica story and that love. A real interesting thing happened that day we shot it, where as I was telling them, “Okay, let’s go, put me under, glamour me,” it was just an instinct I had, it was really moving. I kept looking to Jason, I kept looking to Ryan and thought, damn, I’m never going to see my friend again. So out of the two, the love for her was more intense, but I would say the love for him was deeper and I didn’t even know that until we got in the moment.


2 responses to “TV Guide interview with Jim Parrack

  1. I’m glad to see Jim Parrack’s POV. He’s too good a guy to be cut adrift.

  2. Maybe they have started to listen to all the complaints (not from me, but from others) that the cast is too big and unwieldy. The nice thing about TB is that whatever unhappiness people have had, I think the people who have acted on the show leave it with a potential boost to their popularity as a perk. We’ll be seeing Jim Parrack again, I’m sure.

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