Ryan Kwanten interview with TV Guide *spoilery*

Ryan Kwanten’s interview with TV Guide about the last two episodes is like spoiler death by a thousand cuts — just enough hints to drive you crazy but nothing so solid that you can run with it! Excerpts are below the Read More, but follow the link for the full version.  Lots of good stuff there!

Any chance you can calm fans’ fears that you’re going to die in Sunday’s episode? Jason lying in a grave alongside Jessica doesn’t seem to bode well. Is it a mislead?
Ryan Kwanten:
There’s actually not that much of a mislead there. The stakes are as high as it gets. I mean, the guy is not just fighting for his life, it looks like he’s dead and he’s surrounded by vampires, so his chance of survival does not look good. He’s just a mere mortal after all, or a mere Stackhouse, I should say.

How will his relationship with Jess change because of that?
It’s funny because his relationship with Jess changes because of other factors, such as his viewpoint on vampires. We saw where he started in Season 1: He was very much of a closed-minded, narrow-minded type of person, and through the course of the seasons, he’s opened up his mind and his heart to a vampire to the point where he’s come close to loving them. Now, hearing that vampires may be responsible for killing his parents, it twists everything he knows in his head, so he has to really consider everything in his life, including the ones that are close to him who are vampires, like Jessica.

Since Russell is coming after Jason, we’ll assume Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) is with him. What kind of interaction do Jason and Steve have?
You know, it was one of the most fun scenes to shoot with the three of us together because those two, both Denis and Michael, are absolutely hilarious together. So putting the character of Jason in the middle of them, it was a really interesting thing to play because you’re playing the obvious comedy that’s there, but then there’s a lot at stake.

We miss the original trio of Tara (Rutina Wesley), Sookie and Jason. Will we get to see them together again in the final two episodes?
Yes, you will. As in most seasons, towards the end, most of the story lines come together and you will definitely see the three of us together. This particular season has one of the best cliff-hangers I think we’ve ever shot, which definitely involves Sookie, myself and Tara — perhaps we’re all working together.

What can you tell us about the season finale and what role Jason plays in it?
Kwanten: Well, a very big role. Like I said before, it’s his family he’s fighting for. It’s the town. It’s for the answers to his parents dying. It’s pretty much do or die for Jason. This finale actually takes us all the way up to a huge cliff-hanger in [the final episode] where you’re not quite sure who’s going to live and who’s going to die. In previous seasons, we had the so-called cliff-hanger in either Episode 10 or 11 and then, Episode 12 is answering that cliff-hanger and then setting up the new season, whereas this one very much leaves us on a big “Oh, my God,” moment.

Is there a lot of death in the final two episodes?
Yes. No one is safe. That’s the best way to put it.

My thoughts: Hmmmm, so the cliff-hanger involves Sookie, Jason and Tara in some way and yet Alan Ball said that the last camera shot will be on Bill, Sookie or Eric.  Very intriguing! And the hint seems to be that someone’s life is going to be threatened.  Whose? And by whom?


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