Photos from 5.11 Sunset *spoilery*

Hopefully a couple of video clips will be out later today! But in the meanwhile, HBO has released three photo still from episode 5.11, Sunset.  Normally I don’t bother with sharing the stills because they aren’t necessarily informative, but these seem to have some spoiler value. Below the Read More.

The one with Bill isn’t particularly interesting, although he looks like he is in full-blown “I am the Chosen One!” mode.  Of more interest: Jessica and Bill, in which, despite Bill’s “protective” arm around his progeny, Jessica looks anxious. They appear to be in Salome’s chambers. Finally, the photo of Jason and Sookie!  Jackpot! He is covered with dirt, just as he was in the dirt hold wiht Jessica, and you can clearly see a bit wound on his throat.  It looks as if he survived the encounter with Russell after all, and does not appear to have been turned or vamp healed (much), either.  Could the scene with Jessica and Jason be one in which she arrives to find him in the dirt and says her piece about being so sorry only to have him open his eyes and point out that he is alive?


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