5.11 “Sunset” video sneak peaks *spoilers*

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A representative of the US military calls on the Authority and points out that there is video evidence of Russell and Steve’s little Greek dinner, and Bill explains his new feelings about humans — including Jason and Sookie — to Jessica.

I love that the military guy is presenting the very case for why Mainstreaming is what is in the best interests of vampires and why, for all the hedonistic allure of the Sanguinista movement, it just isn’t practical.  Who wants to bet that someone (not Eric, obviously) will start ranting about how Lilith will protect them from the humans?

Oooooh, Bill is showing his true colors.  Can I say how much I hope that he does NOT get over this too quickly? I want Evil!Bill (or at least, NoLongerValuingHumansBill) to be around for a while.  And now we see the roots of Jess in that grave with Jason — she seems to think it may be the only way to protect him.


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