5.10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” thoughts and spoilery speculation

This was definitely an episode that had some gems in it, but I felt like some of it was veering close to shark jump territory.  YMMV. Details below the Read More.

What I loved:

  • Best scene of the night? No, of the SEASON so far?  Tara taking care of Elijah with Ginger’s help! Although I kind of loved Pam being willing to give up Fangtasia and go on the run with her progeny rather than let Elijah take Tara. “I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no baby vampires!” still has me ROFLMAO. Oh, Tara, you may have just opened up a whole can of whup ass on yourself and Pam, but maybe this will get you both to the Authority where you can help Daddy/Granddaddy — and maybe stake Auntie Nora.
  • Loved Russell’s true colors finally showing. First, when Salome tries to stop him from going out to eat with Steve, his snarky,  “I thought the book of fucking Lilith wanted us to go out and hunt. Or is there some chapter where we’re supposed to be sitting around memorizing index cards?” Meow! And then his tantrum when he proposes synthesizing faery blood – and knocking Salome on her ass while slipping into his Germanic-I’m-so-pissed accent — was great. Oh, Russell, you had the very Authority shaking in their boots.
  • Loved Hoyt asking Jess to glamour him, although the rest of my reaction to his leaving is further down, beneath “mixed feelings.”
  • Kind of loving the tension between Salome and Steve Newlin over whose religious style should hold sway. Dissension in the ranks!
  • Maxine Fortenberry referring to Jessica as “that Cheeto-headed tramp”.  I hope Hoyt’s departure doesn’t mean we will have less of Maxine.
  • Loved the little detail that Jess only had time to slip on her flipflops like any other teenaged girl when Bill commanded her to go with the guards.  Good ol’ Bill — always giving his little girl orders and not keeping her in the loop. Wait, where have we seen that MO before? And love that Jess, for as young as she is, still knows when to be wary of religious extremism when Bill starts trying to convert her to Lilith and the vampire bible.
  • I’m not a big fan of Rep. Finch, but I thought it was clever of him to notice how incredibly pink Steve Newlin was. Yes, Steve, do explain why you are so beautifully rosy?
  • Um. I know I was supposed to be focused on Eric’s speech, but I was distracted by the black, long-sleeved t-shirt of repentance.  I did, however, catch the little twinkle in Eric’s eyes as he reminded that now that they are “made again” Russell has to forgive him. I do not think Eric is genuinely converted, but knows how to save himself in dire circumstances.  He is willing to play the game.
  • Aha! The fae age at a different rate than humans do — which means that Sookie may also age at a different rate, meaning she may not need to be turned if she is to continue her romantic relationships with vampires. She will probably not be able to be quite as old as the other fae, but she should live longer than a normal human, I suspect.  It is possible to ship Eric and Sookie without her being turned!
  • Um. Did anyone else notice that giant baby bump Maurella was rocking?!? I suspect that Andy is about to become a baby daddy.

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • Someone effing vamped Mike Spencer? Not that I mind him getting staked with a chopstick, but it does seem a little sharp-jump-esque and abrupt.  This must be part of the stupid plot to quickie vamp a bunch of vamp babies.  If the faeries are breeding and the vamps are breeding, is this going to turn into a situation of who can pump out the most progeny quickly? That’s just weird and disturbing.
  • Hoyt is going to Alaska? WTF? I know it is the best possible outcome to him but Hoyt going forever? I am sad. The glamouring scene completely rocked, though.
  • Molly!!!!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! But damn, did she go out with class: “Fuck all of you.  You are destroying the world based on a book that is thousands of years old. You call that evolved?That is the OPPOSITE of evolved.”
  • I love Ghost Godric, but I had mixed feelings about high as kites Eric and Nora having the visit with him that ends so brutally in his murder by Lilith.  It seemed a little cheesy as the two siblings sobbed as their daddy’s head was ripped off by Nora’s “goddess.”
  • While McMilz talks in one of the enhanced clips about why Steve Newlin would be attracted to Russell, I keep thinking about Jacob Clifton’s review of last week’s episode where he points out why this is playing on a gay older man/young man trope that is kind of skeevy.  I now can’t unthink that, especially with Steve simpering up at Russell the way he did while being dipped.
  • I enjoyed Sam and Lala protecting Jessica, but the whole thing where they practically offer her the two rednecks was unnerving.
  • Why in the hell would Bill stop paying the guards at his house until the Authority guards could sweep in? Why would he leave Jess unprotected? On the other hand, in her Vlog, Jess basically says Bill is back to being the negligent maker he was previously, leaving her alone in the house and not thinking of her.
  • Awww, while I’m glad that Sookie and Jason found the scroll in a box under the floor boards, I’m kind of bummed that it didn’t turn out to be hidden beneath Jason’s report card. Lynn Dearborne evidently had nothing to do with it.  *pout*

What I hated:

  • Dammit, if Warlow was around in 1702 then he is definitely not Bill. I am SO disappointed!!! 😦

Questions yet to be answered:

  • Alan Ball said that someone we are used to thinking of as “good” was going to be very bad in season six.  Now that Hoyt is in Alaska,I’d say he is out of the running. If Bill didn’t kill Sookie’s parents, can I ask for him to have killed Gran? And to be evil next season? Please?
  • According to the Inside the Episode, the faery contract will open up notions of Sookie having to find out “who she belongs to” and whether or not she was born into her fate.  I’m wondering (again) if the bond she made with Eric — and I think she did make one — is going to be what saves her from this Warlow vamp claiming her directly.
  • So, was Godric truly destroyed? Is that the end of his visits to Eric’s conscience? Was he ever real?

One response to “5.10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” thoughts and spoilery speculation

  1. my eyes are all puffed up because of hoyt. i never really cared for him, but all his angst made me look his way. poor jase…

    eric’s b*llshitting russell again ladida…

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