Rising vamp promo *spoilery*

Damian Atkinson has posted a short True Blood promo on Vimeo. Details below the Read More.


Could that be Eric rising from the dirt? I know that there was a quick glimpse of Jessica and Jason together in a dirt hole as if she is turning him, but I find that unlikely to be a real development.  I still think that might be a dream.  Also, Tara rose wearing what she was buried in, and Jason is dressed in his police uniform.  This vamp rising from the dirt is bare.  Which makes me wonder again about the full frontal nudity “of a VAMP in dire circumstances” promised in 5.11.  We saw the full frontal human in 5.9, but I wonder if that might be a red herring?  What if Eric is being held prisoner and escapes from the Authority (um, in the nude…) and has to go to ground?

Yeah, I sound desperate to see a naked, dirt-covered full-frontal ASkars, I know.  But hey, it sounds POSSIBLE… 😉


2 responses to “Rising vamp promo *spoilery*

  1. Not those hands, fingers are too short, betcha!

  2. It occurred to me that with this independent contractor doing the promo, I suppose it is possible that that hand and back are no one we even know, either. But, hey, I’m going to enjoy the thought of possible fully nude ASkars while I can… ;-P

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