5.10 and Final Three Episodes videos *spoilers*

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Preview for 5.10, Gone, Gone, Gone

Ooooh, is Russell going to rat Sookie out to the Authority? Or is he planning on keeping her for himself? Or has Bill told them all that there are more fairies to be had since he himself has been to the world of the fae? And who is it grabbing the gun from Sookie’s hand? It looks like a dark leather sleeve, which could mean Eric — assuming he somehow were to escape from the Authority — and that does sound like his growl.  That would be my favorite outcome, but it seems so unlikely, darn it.

Only Three Episodes Left!

What is Jessica doing in what looks like a grave with Jason? Maybe a fantasy or dream? And it looks as if Luna gets captured while trying to locate Emma.


2 responses to “5.10 and Final Three Episodes videos *spoilers*

  1. Wonder if it’s possible to get a picture of Godric with his fangs down and his bottom teeth exposed. Someone has speculated it was Godric on that bridge. But…I would think he’d be too “in control” for something like that…. Methinks it’s Bill…..but I’m sure AB will do something to make Bill look like a hero….

    • I will look to see if i can find a pic of Godric with his fangs out, but the theory that it was Godric on the bridge doesn’t make sense to me because of the ghostly projection that was in Sookie’s bathroom. Even if it was Godric on the bridge back in the day, the ghostly projection in her bathroom was actively threatening to make her his and drink her. Since Godric is dead, he couldn’t follow through on such a threat, even if he had wanted to, which I don’t think fits. No, I think it is a living vamp, although if it is Bill, the connection is some part of himself that he is probably in denial about. But did you see the way dream Sookie’s feet kicked in terror? His subconscious knows what he really wants…

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