He’s Not There updated

I know it probably seems like I abandoned the story, but I have discovered some things about myself over the last month:

1. I apparently can’t write as fast when I’m in spoiler whore mode, which is basically the entire True Blood season.  I am like the dog in “Up!” who is completely distracted by every tidbit that comes along each week: “Spoiler!!” *pant pant pant* *post post post* *rolling around in spoiler dirt until I’m good and grubby with it* Rinse, repeat. Since I wasn’t writing fanfic last summer during the show, I did not realize this about myself.  Now I can strategize for next summer.

2. I also don’t write as much when I’m working a lot of extra hours over my normal schedule.  That darn work thing, interfering with my writing life.  Sheesh. And all for the sake of rent and groceries.  And HBO subscriptions.

3. I f’n hate summer heat and it interferes with my creativity.  We have had a brutal summer of heatwaves here on the East Coast (as everywhere else in the USA) and I’ve discovered the hard way that if my apartment is more than 80 F, I am a cranky, lazy writer.  Since I don’t have an independent fortune available to pay PSEG at the end of the month if my A/C runs continuously, I’ve been one hot, cranky MVB for the past several weeks.

All that whining aside, I did finally finish chapter 13, which started out as the final chapter, but grew so large and unwieldy that I finally decided to chop it in half. The second half is still being worked on.  Thank you for your patience if you’re reading the story here.

He’s Not There, Chapter 13: (Half) True Confessions


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