5.9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Thoughts *spoilery speculation*

Eh, some kind of cheesy things this week, but also some yummy moments.  And can I say that Eric in trouble is incredibly hot?

What I loved:

  • Steve Newlin’s flippant little prayer over the naked (full frontal nudity!) feast on the board room table was amusing, but even I was a little uncomfortable at his lack of reverence.  On the other hand, how ballsy is it for Newlin and Russell to be doing whatever the heck they want right in the center of the Authority?  It is so clear that Russell is not going to play this game for long — and that he holds the Authority in contempt. Bill once said he wanted anarchy and looks like he is going to get it.
  • I loved that Molly has reason to cooperate with Eric in trying to escape, although since the plan failed, I worry about what will be done with her.  I also enjoyed the way Eric tricked Nora into going with him, only to have him dope her up and try to kidnap her, although I personally don’t care if he were to stake her.  But he is being a good son to Godric. And Bill (THAT TRAITOR!) screwed up the plan!
  • Loved Tara’s response to Lafayette’s texts: “Bitch, stop texting me or I will eat you.”
  • “Trying to protect somebody I love? That’s sexist?” You tell Luna, Sam.  And Luna, good for you for hauling your semi-incapacitated ass out of bed to go chase the Obamas anyhow. I have come to love Luna over the past two seasons and this is one reason why.
  • Terry Bellefleur is a good man.  Patrick, however, was not.  So yay on the ifrit-calling ghost lady for telling Terry to do what is right and having that be putting Patrick down like he needed to be.  And love that Arlene protected her man by stabbing Patrick in the neck. That the ifrit even cleaned up the mess was surprisingly tidy and satisfying as an ending.  Or maybe I’m just relieved the smoke monster is finally put out like an old cigarette! Let us celebrate the end of the ifrit storyline!
  • I loved Pam’s plan for how to cope with the threatened Tru Blood shortage.  And how both Pam and Tara are thinking through the implications of it all already, like a team. Well, except for the whole “Just because we drank a bitch together doesn’t make us Oprah and Gayle” line. “Suck me, Vampire Barbie.” The family needs to get Daddy back and soon.”
  • “Put the baby fangs away before you piss me off.” “We better get back to slaughtering people in the name of God.” Oh, snarky Eric, how I do love your way with words.
  • Alcide’s dad’s speech on the meaning of the Pack was pretty motivating.  I find it interesting as well that the speech about how man is selfish but the wolf puts pack first is a theme that is going to play out with all the characters if the vamp civil war is coming.  Even vamps will be asking themselves whether they will be on the side of their own selfishness or the greater good.
  • Gotta kick out of the Dragon being Sweetie Des Arts, a shout-out to the original book on which this season was based. Also love the explanation in the Enhanced viewing that Sweetie’s red silk robe has a dragon on the back because she is the Dragon of Bon Temps! Was she wearing the same robe when she was coaxing Bud into the hot tub in the earlier episode?
  • I know it points out the gaping plot holes that pop up every now and again, but I found it hilarious that Arlene couldn’t think of anybody actually working besides her and Lafayette.
  • Joe Bob was suspected in torching the vamp nest in Monroe? Now I’m going to have to go back and see if he was around with Ray and the others in season 2.  That is some continuity!
  • I just love Andy Bellefleur.  Every writer this season has given him some amazing lines. It’s his job to protect vampers and shifters and werechickens and whatever the fuck else is out there.  You tell us, Andy!
  • I appreciated the insight into Eric and Nora’s previous relationship.  He loved her for being power-hungry? Seriously? But good to know that this is all religious fervor is fueled by Lilith’s druggy blood.  Yes, the Authority is now run by V addicts.
  • But they are HOT V addicts!  Salome looked wicked sexy in her less-than-seven-veils outfit, and though I normally am squicked by Bill having sex with anyone, when he tore off her skirt, that was pretty hot, too.
  • Thank goodness the Bill and Sookie in bed scene was part of Bill’s fantasy while he was with Salome.  I would have had to put my eyes out if it had been real. And note that Sookie was still terrified of him once he started biting her.
  • Yay on Luna for beating on Sweetie.  That woman deserved the beat down. Luna and Sam kick some serious ass, even in the nude.
  • Russell took Emma and gave her to Steve as a pet! I was glad to see genuinely scary Russell back.  And loved that Russell’s accent changed when he grabbed JD by the throat.  It seemed to show how incredibly pissed off Russell was to have this dog challenge him. I am worried for Emma, though, and heartbroken for Martha, who is a good grandma if kind of hard-edged.
  • The cover of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” as done by Care Bears on Fire.

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • Could they blow up those Tru Blood factories any faster? I guess there was no reason to wait, but I was still shocked at how fast it went from Bill’s mouth into action.
  • Okay, totally disappointed that Sookie went to Bud Dearborne’s house and while it made her vulnerable to kidnapping, thus serving that other plot line, she didn’t learn one new thing about her parents’ death from Bud.  Unless Lynn Dearborne is going to be able to tell her something more, I’m disappointed. I was really looking forward to Sookie taking the glamour off of Bud and since he’s dead, that’s clearly not going to happen.  If he was ever glamoured at all. Sigh. On the other hand, I think that Bud mentioning Gran’s death in connection with vamps killing Sookie’s parents was interesting.  I was never a big believer in the theory that Bill killed Gran, but I’d be willing to be persuaded otherwise at this point.  After all, Rene only strangled women, not stabbed the hell out of ’em. And strangely, I can see Sookie being less able to forgive Bill killing Gran than if he killed her parents, so I would actually like it if he turned to have killed ALL of Sookie’s family members. (Mustn’t forget Uncle Bartlett!)
  • Since when does Oxycontin knock you out that hard? Not that I have any experience with it, but why would it make Hoyt dream he’s in a pig-shit-smelling heaven?
  • While having a new vamp named Sheriff of Area 5 is titillating, it’s kind of horrifying.  Are Pam and Eric going to lose Fangtasia now? Also, note that this happens BEFORE Eric is busted by the Authority while trying to escape.  Was he ousted from office on suspicion alone? By Bill or by Salome? Had they planned to take him down all along?

What I hated:

  • I found the Scooby-Doo-esque confession of the villains’ motivations by Bud and Sweetie kind of lame and ham-handed.
  • I don’t mind me some country music but this episode had an over abundance for my ears. Y’all shut up now, y’hear?

Questions that remain:

  • So, how is Sookie going to find out who Warlow is if Bud Dearborne didn’t know? Maybe Linda Dearborne? They kept reminding us about her all episode for what seems to be no good reason.
  • Why is drinking Salome’s blood giving Bill visions of Lilith? Has she imbibed that much of it? Or is the blood in the vial actually Salome’s and does it have a uniquely hallucinatory aspect for some as yet unknown reason?
  • Is Hoyt going to make it? He seemed awfully out of it.
  • Was Alcide abjured by the whole pack and did that include Rikki?  Or is she still going to stay in touch?
  • Bill says Eric has been chosen by Lilith.  For what?!? If Bill is the new Adam, what is Salome’s plan for Eric? All along, she has been anxious to keep him around for some purpose and it sounds as if she might have something specific in mind.  What could it be?

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