Vulture interview with Ryan Kwanten *spoilers*

Vulture’s interview with Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) has spoilers. And do I mean SPOILERS!

Lots of stuff in this interview, but this is the one Q&A that made me scream. I bolded AND italicized the part that provoked that reaction!

Sookie and Jason’s big mission this season is to find out which vampire killed their parents. How will Bill and Eric figure into that story line?
Jason is going to try to track down who it was. The hardest thing is now is realizing, Does he blame all vampires, or does he just look for the one? I don’t think he suspects it’s someone they know. I’m sorry, I have to be rather vague with my answers — they get shorter and shorter every year.

I don’t care where you live in the world, you should be able to hear me shouting “Bill! It’s Bill! Please let it be Bill!” ;-D

This tidbit was also interesting:

The online synopsis for episode ten mentions that Jason finds a scroll. What can you tell me about it?
It’s the beginning of answers, and perhaps even more questions, for Jason. The scroll is sort of this ancient … from a long time ago. I’ve got to be careful. It’s from a long time ago, and they have to figure out its meaning, but also figure out if it has anything to do with … if he can connect it with his parents dying. I feel like an idiot saying it like that.


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