Tv Guide interview with McMilzz *spoilers*

Michael McMillian talks up Steve Newlin and the rest of the season.  Spoilery, so beware if that is not your bag.  (Although if you isn’t, you are SO on the wrong TB blog… 😉 The whole interview is worth reading, but in the interests of not cutting and pasting the whole thing in violation of copyright (stop laughing!), I’m only excerpting the Eric-related answers.

Because the Authority is going public in saying they’re no longer trying to mainstream, will more vampires who were following the rules start to fall in line?
Possibly. We’ll see how this authoritarian influence plays out because basically Roman has been the letter of the law for the past how many centuries. Roman was dictating how vampires should behave. It was really his movement to mainstream. We’ve seen over the past few seasons that mainstreaming itself has been very ambiguous. There are characters that have cut the corners with it. Vampires who were mainstreaming because they’re following the letter of the law are now going to go, “OK, they’re saying this is OK now so I’m free to do whatever I want, I guess.” That’s really what the second half of the season is about.

At the same time, we also know from the established mythology that vampires who get together and form in nests can really start to behave in really terrible ways. That’s kind of what’s happening already within the Authority.

Yes, and Eric is already trying to turn against it.
Well, I think Eric actually has more in common with Russell and Steve in the sense that I think he’s definitely a survivalist and he’s always acted in his best interests. Really what that moment when he sees Godric is about is less about killing all these humans in this bar is wrong and more about saving Nora, his vampire sister, and getting her out of that situation. I think that’s really what Eric cares the most about. We’ve seen Eric tear humans limb from limb in seasons past, but I think that Eric falling into a nest and Eric being dictated to is something that he’s never really gelled with. I think his interests really lie in getting Nora out of this cult mindset.

My thoughts: I wish I cared about Nora, but I don’t.  I get that Eric has loved her for 600 years or whatever, but girl is psycho with religiosity in a way that is a huge turn off for me and I don’t care if Eric himself has to stake her. YMMV! Eric, I hope your poor heart is broken in having to put your rabid sister down.  Love ya, babe. XOXO


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