Show me your teeth *spoilery speculation*

Who is the mystery vamp that killed Sookie’s parents? Following sweetmg’s suggestion, I looked at various screen caps to see if we can at the very least rule out anyone.  Speculation and picture beneath the Read More. (And sorry if the formatting looks funky in your browser.  This was done in Firefox and it looks best there, although even there, it is not perfect.)

First, we have the screen cap of the Mystery Vamp’s fangs.  Note the overlap between the two bottom front teeth.

Bill’s teeth

Next we have Bill.  Note the similar overlap between the bottom two front teeth.  What does not fit would be the tooth to the immediate left of the overlapped teeth, which appears taller in the Mystery Vamp’s mouth than in Bill’s.

Another good already known suspect would be Russell.  The angle isn’t the best for comparison, but you can see that he also appears to have that overlap in the middle bottom two teeth and the tooth to the immediate left is a bit taller than Bill’s. On the other hand, Russell’s laugh lines are longer, going right past the mouth down closer to the chin.

Russell’s teeth

Finally, we can check out Eric’s teeth.  What is most notable here is that his bottom teeth are ridiculously straight.  I added a second photo to show it just isn’t the angle of the first photo, either.

So, what do you think? I think we can safely rule out Eric for sure as the mystery vamp, but does it look like Bill or Russell to you? Or is Warlow an as-yet-unmet character rather than a fake name being used by a vamp we already know?

Eric’s teeth

Eric’s teeth (again)


4 responses to “Show me your teeth *spoilery speculation*

  1. We all can tell from the teeth tht it is not Eric….. I would like too think it is bill lets only hope…..

  2. Oh!! You have outdone yourself!! Great detective work, my dear!! Can’t wait til Sunday!!!!!

  3. Can Eric get any more perfect? Gawd! those perfect set of teeth makes missing him hurt even more.

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