Hollywood Life interview with Michael McMillian *spoilers*

Another interview with our own Steve Newlin, gay vampire American.  Some excerpts, below the cut.

‘Fun’ is definitely an appropriate word. Tumblr especially seems to love Steve Newlin. Have you seen all the gifs of you dancing?

[Laughs] There have been some followers on Twitter who have posted those and I’ve seen them. I didn’t imagine any of that happening. There might be more gif opportunities in the second half of the season.

What about his lust for Jason? Will there be more of that, too?

There will be more Jason and Steve in the second half of the season. And I think where the story goes is going to be really surprising. I can also say that Steve’s love life plays a prominent part of the season throughout.

There’s another big mystery surrounding Steve this season, which is who actually made him. Is that going to be addressed anytime soon?

I’ve been really on the fence as to how I should answer this question. I’m a big believer in not spoiling anything, but on the other hand, it’s a question I’ve been getting a lot. I think viewers need to not hold their breath. This season really becomes about different stuff, so fans might need to wait a while until that’s revealed. … I’ve been told who it is, but it might be a while before viewers find out.

There are a ton of theories out there.

Oh, I know. Fans always tweet me about it — I’ve seen everyone from Russell to Pam. It’s crazy.



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