5.7 “In the Beginning” Thoughts

I found a lot of Brian Buckner’s writing in this episode great so that where it fell flat was in some of the execution.  More detail below the jump.

What I loved:

  • Brian Buckner’s writing.  He was just full of some great one-liners in tonight’s episode to wit.  I’ll list ’em at the end.
  • Godric! OMG, Godric! Godric telling Eric this was wrong, that Eric knew it and ordering him to go save Nora because she doesn’t know any better. I love me some heroic Eric.
  • Although I am still not getting much out of the ifrit story line, there was a lot of good in that wedding video, including the sweet wedding scene between Lafayette and his Jesus, Terry kissing Arlene’s baby bump,  and the great conversation between Arlene and Holly about whether Terry is insane or if there really is a smoke monster. This is Bon Temps, baby!
  • Still loving Molly the tech vampire.  I hope they don’t stake her.
  • Lved Eric telling Nora to go fuck herself and telling Nora to quick calling him brother. And the great line of the night (see below!)
  • Alcide and Rikki “training” was very hot! Although Martha was dead on in referring to Alcide as “Rambo.”
  • Sookie answering Jason’s unspoken question with, “And yes, you can eat my bacon.”
  • Maria killing Don Bartolo. Go, Maria!!!
  • Sookie’s observation that even if she and Sam weren’t special, they’d still see all the hate around them and be bothered. Now if she can just make the leap to the fact that she would be able to do less about that hate without her specialness!
  • Lettie Mae and Tara in Fangtasia. What a heartbreaking, beautifully realistic scene.  Although Lettie Mae’s church gloves were a bit much.
  • Loved Russell’s blatant use of Lilith worship to save his own skin.
  • Dieter, who was portrayed as more or less atheistic about Lilith is the only one who feels drinking her actual blood would be blasphemy.  Nice twist! And I knew they would kill him for it as soon as he opened his mouth and was actually shouting, “No,Dieter, shut up!” at the screen as a result.
  • Bill: “Are we really going to do this?” Eric: “It’s vampire blood. We’re vampires. It’s not going to do anything.” Famous last words, Eric, famous last words.
  • Pam and Tara bonding after the painful encounter with Lettie Mae.  Lovely and funny.
  • JD offering vamp blood to Emma? He is a total pig who believes to have his bits ripped off.  Oh, wait, I think that may happen!
  • Denis O’Hare has a really good voice. Who knew?
  • I appreciate that Eric was the only one who didn’t vamp speed to grab a member of the member party, although he was smiling.  Sigh.
  • And again, Brian Buckner’s brilliance in writing, to wit:
  • Jason, speaking about Sookie’s depleted fairy energy: “Let’s just plug her in and charge her back up!”
  • Kevin, when Mike Spencer explains why he was late to the crimescene: “TMI, Coronor Spencer.”
  • “That’s what people don’t get.  Hate groups is about more than hate!”
  • Hate group members: “Do you hate Jessica Hamby?” Hoyt: “I do.” Group members in chorus: “Then we’re here to hate her with ya.”
  • Bill, to Salome: “You can’t play the grieving widow and the leader of a coup at the same time!”
  • Nora: “Join us. Please.” Eric: “Never, you bible-banging cunts.”
  • Jason, cutting his wedding congrats off upon spotting a hot chick:  “Hellooooo, out of towner!”

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • I know a lot of people hate that TB Sookie has her fairy powers, but damn, I have to concede: if she becomes human, she becomes boring.  Maybe for the end of the series, she makes that choice, but right now, I like her as a fairy, microwave fingers and delectable blood and all. So it kind of kills me to see her trying to become human by blowing all that energy out her fingers in a wasteful way like that.
  • Sheriff Dearborn.  Good to see him again, but why? Why bother? The male enhancement line was funny, but please let there be a bigger pay off than that in the long run.  If he was Sheriff for 43 years, does that mean he knows what happened with Bill and Sookie’s parents? Can she unglamour him to find out who he saw? Because that would be cool!

What I hated:

  • That Salome claiming she followed Eric and Bill on the night they were supposed to give Russell the true death.  WTF? My idea of her being his child was much more interesting than that.  *pout*
  • Um. The Lilith V trip on Bourbon Street was kind of lame, IMO. It was like seeing your parents drunk in public — tremendously embarrassing.
  • Still don’t care about Terry and the ifrit.  Sorry, Terry. Love ya, man, and sorry to see you put that gun to your chin, but still find the ifrit kind of meh.
  • Aw, man.  So disappointed that the rise of Lilith looked so cheesy. And again, I think this was an execution thing, not necessarily the writing.  It just looked too fast and too CGI for it to be creepy or disturbing.

Questions yet to be answered:

  • Who is the Dragon? Michael McMillian did promise us one. And is it someone we know? Like…Mike Spencer, who was suspiciously late to the crime scene?
  • I hope Maria has a way to get the demon out of Lafayette — without killing him.
  • We still don’t know what Eric keeps seeing when he sees Godric.  Is it Godric’s blood in him? His ghost? I still want to know!

Final interesting tidbits:  the lyrics to the closing song, In the Beginning by K’naan.

“In The Beginning”

So –
In the beginning there was hum
From a poet whose pulse felt
He would perform prayers and all
Till one day he heard a voice call
Just because he moved it was his cost
Just because he thinks he was a little lost.
People get held back
By the voice inside ’em.

Yo –
The voice said a voice speak inside you,
Rejoice and please let me invite you.
To evil greed and lies too.

Confusing days he moved in ways it soon became hakuna
Koon Koon Koon.
And knock on his door the lord is no more
And knock on his door his soul is no more

La la la la la la la la… yeah
La la la la la la la la… that was in the beginning
La la la la la la la la… as the story goes on
La la la la la la la la…

So, so so-
The poets got a proposal
He would always hope but never know
What it feels to be free.
He would be the frozen imposed as the toes on all of the posin’
But it would be greed.
That’s got him there
He’s bound, hungry and, proud too.
People don’t care, people just scared,
People don’t care, people just prayer.

La la la la la la la la… yeah
La la la la la la la la… that was in the beginning
La la la la la la la la… there was a hum
La la la la la la la la… and things changed
La la la la la la la la… yeah, yeah

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the dark
In the eyes of the youth there are question marks
Like freedom, freedom for the mind and soul
We don’t see em,
See them for their worth at all.
That’s why we lead em
Lead em to these wars and what is it we feed em
Feed em our impurities and who it is we treat em
Treat em like the enemy humanity will need em
Need em like the blood we spill and where freedom

Freedom for the hearts we fill
Mislead em
They hunger for the love we give but we cheat em

The guys beat em and all he wants is his feedom em
So they defeat em

Whatever spirit he’s got
Beat em
And they teach em the rest of the world don’t need him
And he believes it’s a disease that he’s heathen
Put up your fists if all you want is freedom
Put up your fists if all you want is

La la la la la la la la… that was in the beginning
La la la la la la la la… and things change

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We keep holding on,
And we keep being strong,
And we keep going on,
And on and on and on.

{And we keep holding on,
And we keep being strong,
And we keep going on,
And on and on and on.}


2 responses to “5.7 “In the Beginning” Thoughts

  1. I really enjoyed your take on this episode. Definitely my least favorite of the year but as usual, Eric & Russell owned it! Surprised you didn’t mention the Jason shooting Jessica scene. And I didn’t even think of that about Sookie unglamouring Bud to find out what happened to their parents. Good call!

  2. Stommie, I swear I remember commenting on Jason shooting Jess in the head as one the fhings I loved, but the page kept locking up while I was jotting my notes, so it is possible that got “eaten” in one of the reboots. It was somewhere between awful and wicked cool that he could shoot her in the head and she would be fine 2 minutes later — and that he could use her blood to fix her bite on his neck, too. I don’t know what it says about me that I was going “Oh, Jason! That was so cool!” after he fired a bullet through her head. ;-P

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