WSJ Interview with Michael McMillian *spoilers*

Boy, people are just getting chatty as we hit the midseason! Lots of interesting stuff from Michael McMillian at Wall Street Journal, and I’ve excerpted a couple of interesting bits below the jump. Lots more on the actual site.

The Wall Street Journal:  You’re back onscreen in this week’s episode.

Michael McMillian: After the events of the last episode, things have sort of imploded at the Authority. Steve will be back as an emergency meeting is called. Everyone who works with the Authority is brought in.

Is Roman really dead?

Do you think he’s really dead?

You never know.

He’s got a stake through his heart. I don’t know I if should confirm if it’s a big tease. Roman being dead could be the worst thing that could happen to the vampire community, because he was the drive behind mainstreaming. If Roman’s gone, there’s a huge void. The people who are closest to filling that void aren’t necessarily the top picks.

There’s another traitor in their midst. People are talking about Salome.

If I were a betting man my money would be on Salome. Someone’s helping out Nora. Somebody dismantled Russell’s stake.

Some have theorized that Nan is Steve’s maker. Any comment?

It’s a good theory, but I would suggest that it would be more interesting if the maker was somebody still with us.

How much longer do you think “True Blood” will be around?

I have been shocked to see where the season goes.  I think what the writers are doing is a big game changer. They’re setting up for the final act of the series — whether it’s one more season, or two more seasons or three more seasons..i think after viewers finish this year we’ll be heading in a bold new direction. I’m signed on for four more seasons.

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