TV Guide interview with Deborah Ann Woll *spoilers*

Lots of interesting comments on what is to come this season with Deborah Ann Woll from a lengthy TV Guide interview  Some excerpts below the cut.  The whole interview is definitely worth reading.

What interaction will Jessica have with Russell, if any?
A little bit, certainly her maker [Bill] is in the presence of Russell, and we’ll see how long he lets Jessica stay home alone, particularly if there are big changes to come in the power structure. I think she’s scared of [Russell]. He’s made life very hard for her as a vampire. Here’s this guy who was on television and killed a human being in a very violent manner and made the entire world very scared of who Jessica is. They’re going to be on opposite sides.

We haven’t seen a lot of Jessica and her maker Bill (Stephen Moyer) this season. What can you tell us about what’s to come?
They’ll have to connect at some point. He’s in a very difficult situation with the different political power structures and he has to get his progeny involved to make sure she’s not a liability in any way. He has to get that under control. I do think it’s going to be more dangerous for her.

Considering Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) released Pam (Kristin Bauer), was there any worry in Jessica’s mind that that might happen with Bill?
Oh, yes, and it doesn’t necessarily just have to be a release thing either. He could just become a different person. Like they said, Bill’s looking for something to believe in, and so far Jessica’s been a good anchor for him.He’s lost Sookie, he’s lost his family, but he has this progeny that surprisingly he’s very proud of and happy to have made. They really only have each other right now, and it would be devastating for either of them to find out that the other one isn’t who they fought for.

My thoughts:  Oooooh, I think that this is more forewarning of “changed Bill” to come.  I have to think that Lilith, whoever she is, must be spouting the same ideas as the Sanguinistas in saying that humans should be food.  If Bill is going to be experiencing a “religious conversion” than the message has to be something other than what he has believed in up until now.  And Bill embracing what he thinks is his dark nature would finally free him from some of his angst.


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