5.7 “In the Beginning” clips *spoilers*

The first clip is called “Disturbance in the Force” and Sookie learns about her fairy heritage.  Clips are beneath the jump.

Um. When Sookie become HALF-fae? Even if Grandpa Earl was a full fae, then wouldn’t she be only a quarter?  Unless Sookie’s father Corbett was not the child of Adele Stackhouse at all, but some fairy woman that Grandpa Earl hooked up with.

Second clip shows Sam using his special talents to track down a clue about the shifter shooters.

Is that in the police station or somewhere else? Cuz, holy smokes if the local Bon Temp cops are involved.  Especially since there are so few of them.

This clip is the BEST and the most confusing! The aftermath of Russell staking Roman!

So, I get that Russell is attacking Eric and that Salome is beginning to pray to Lilith in way that sounds like she is definitely a Sanguinista.  What I don’t get: is Bill calling for Eric? Why? And when Salome says “He must be kept alive,” is she referring to Russell or to Eric? In the context, it is very confusing.  But, oh, lookin’ good!!!! Is it Sunday yet?

UPDATED: So, rewatching the last clip in slo-mo, it sounds as if Bill is yelling for Eric/Northman and Dieter says something like “Here!”as if to let the guards know that Eric is nearby. That is when Salome says something like “No, he must be kept alive.”  This makes me wonder where there is a prophecy that she and Nora know about that somehow involves Eric, or possibly both Eric and Bill. Nora’s raving in her cell at the end of 5.6 about it finally beginning would seem to indicate there is a prophecy as yet unrevealed that involves Russell’s would-be execution.  And Salome has been strangely concerned all along about Bill and Eric not being killed.  I wonder if they will not address it just yet, but if it will be connected with the mysterious scroll that shows up later in the season?


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