Who is the mystery vampire? *spoilery speculation*

So, who was the vampire on the bridge? Photos below to compare a certain suspect with the screen cap of the heavily disguised vamp.

I am looking at the deep laugh lines, the angle of the jaw, the end of the nose and the hint of a dimple below the right side of the cheek and while I’m not saying for sure that’s Bill, I don’t think he can be ruled out.  And if it IS Bill, does this mean he was keeping an eye out for Sookie and her tasty blood even before Sophie-Ann sent him to Bon Temps? What do you think?

The mystery vampire who killed Sookie’s parents.

Bill just after he bites Sookie.






2 responses to “Who is the mystery vampire? *spoilery speculation*

  1. I think it’s Bill. It would put the final nail in the coffin of their relationship if it is. Plus the drama off that alone would be awesome!

  2. I would love it so much if it turned out Bill had been the one to kill her parents back in the day. And I kind of wonder if it might not be so much that Bill has been protecting her from Sophie Anne and the Authority as it is that he is saving her for himself. There is something to Jason accusing him of using her as a personal blood soda fountain. Especially when you think about how very little of her blood Eric has had in comparison. Even when they exchanged blood, he only took a tiny sip from her before stopping.

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