ASkars talks Pam/Eric sex *NO spoilers*

Access Hollywood did an interview with Alexander Skarsgard asking him about working with Stephen Moyer and what it was like for him to kiss Kristin Bauer van Straten. His response was interesting:

“Little awkward,” Alexander told (ahead of his “True Blood” autograph signing appearance at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego on Saturday) of having Eric kiss his progeny Pam.

“I think that’s why there’s no sex scene,” Alex added, of why producers showed Eric kiss Pam, before cutting to them in bed, minus the typical “True Blood” between-the-sheets action. “[My character has] such paternal feelings for her… that’s why all you see is the foreplay and then cut to…

“You never see that on the show! If there’s sex on the show, you usually see the whole act, but I think that was a reason that the writers couldn’t really put that in there because our relationship is so different and so deep, but on a platonic level,” Alex said.

More of the interview transcript is here and the video of the interview (which is very short) is here.

I find it interesting that the writers would balk at Pam/Eric sex and yet not hesitate to write Eric/Nora sex, which tells me  the choice of what to show isn’t strictly an issue of the character’s consanguinity, but has to be based on the perceived relationships of the characters.  I also wonder if the writers were as much influenced not to show the Pam/Eric sex by the actors’ feelings about one another: Alex and Kristin have made it clear that they themselves think of the relationship as father/daughter,so maybe the writers knew that they would be uncomfortable if the sex was graphic? Not that I wanted to see Pam/Eric sex myself, but I’m just intrigued by how these decisions are made behind the scenes.


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