5.6 “Hopeless” Thoughts

Another excellent episode this week, with lots of action and forward movement in plot points.

What I loved:

  • “My twee fairy vixen” — Oh, Russell, I have missed you so much. He gets away with saying the most amazing things.
  • Sookie blasting Russell with her fairy power so easily.  Empowered Fairy Sookie is so much more interesting than unhappily human Sookie.
  • Tara and Jessica’s vamp-girl fight!  Tara taking advantage of her cage training made it so much fun.
  • Loved Terry telling off Patrick for ordering him to do evil back in the day and trying to tell him what to do now.  I think it’s a great step towards putting Iraq behind him eventually.
  • Oh, the shock to realize that the number of members of the Authority who are actually Mainstreamers is getting smaller by the day.  I NEVER suspected Kibwe and his killing off the human witnesses to whoever rescued Russell was horrifying.
  • Sookie and Eric communicating silently by expression during l’affair Russell.I don’t recall them doing that so noticeably before and I’m still thinking It Means Something. But I’ll reserve judgement and just enjoy them sending each other their “secret messages.”

    Eric signals to Sookie to pretend to be glamoured.

  • Eric glamouring Alcide.  Anyone else wonder if the blood Eric used to heal Alcide gives Eric the ability to track Alcide?
  • Emma is so cute as a wolf puppy.   I haven’t been all that interested in what Emma is or is not, shifter vs wolf, but the puppy itself is so adorable that I can’t look away from the screen when she is on.
  • Hoyt’s angsty attempt to be a fangbanger is growing on me.  I was expecting him to have a flat out agenda as faux fangbanger and I like that it is not obvious whether he really wants to be a fangbanger or not.
  • “Enough of this religious bullshit. Lilith can fucking blow me.” ROFLMAO, Eric, you blasphemer, you.
  • Loving that Bill is suddenly so “religious.” If he’s just covering his ass as he says, he’s a hypocrite; if he’s serious, he’s even scarier.  It’s all good.
  • Alcide’s big feet hanging off of Sookie’s little pink and white bed. You know Eric had to feel the same way when he slept in Sookie’s bed.
  • I love that Sookie can now unglamour people, although wow! What a target that puts on her back if it is discovered! But what a useful skill to have.
  • Alcide becoming packmaster because he doesn’t want the Shreveport wolves to repeat the mistakes of the Jackson pack is pretty cool. Also loved that the hot werewolf chick volunteered to be his second. Is that the third romance predicted by AB?
  • Loved Sam’s ideas about how he can help search for the shifter shooters; the points he made were brilliant.  From what he said, all investigators should be shifters.
  • “The electricity just runs through me — always has!” Oh, Ruby Jean, we need to get you off your meds and understanding your REAL problem is that you’re a medium just like your baby boy.
  • “That door is shut tighter than bark on a tree.”  Even Arlene has good lines this week. Thank you, Alan Ball.
  • The fairies blew Jason with “light bombs from their hands.” Oh, so funny!
  • Yay on Eric for finally admitting that Nora is his sister.  And oh, the horror as he realized that Nora is religiously mad.
  • The conversation between Eric and Roman about whether or not Eric is more Sanguinista or Mainstreaming was chilling.  Eric was being honest and it was a complex, beautiful thing, even though it makes me nervous when he starts sounding all anti-human.  I think he’s going to find he is more pro-human that he wants to admit at the moment.
  • Thigh-high fairy boots are wicked cool.
  • Russell to Roman: “You were a pompous, self-righteous dick in the fucking Renaissance and you still are.” Russell, I know Eric needs to kill you some day, but oh, you will be missed when he does.

What I had mixed feelings about:

  • Bill stopping Eric from staking Russell.  While it is way more interesting to have Russell alive, I could see why Eric wanted Russell to be finally DEAD.  That Russell is still live is Eric’s fault and Eric should be the one to end him, IMO.
  • Bill “glamouring” Sookie.  I hate the whole First/Luv=TwuLuvForver thing and I found the speech about how she should go be human to be a real rejection of who Sookie IS and instead Bill’s idealization of who he thinks Sookie should be.  That said, I appreciate that AB has said this was Bill’s goodbye to Sookie and I’m hoping that he means it.
  • Roman!!!!!!  I loved it and I hated it because I really enjoyed seeing Meloni on screen. He is going to be missed, but oh, what a way to go!

What I hated:

  • Well, hate is too strong a word, but I still don’t care that much about the ifrit.
  • Sookie boohooing over Bill. So over S/B.
  • Jason’s dreams about his parents and their vampire death just don’t interest me. I want him to be curious about their death and want to go find whodunnit, but the emotional blah di blah of the dreams? Zzzzzzzzz.

Unanswered questions:

  • So, Hoyt isn’t already hanging with the supe shooters, but will he start to?
  • Who killed Sookie’s and Jason’s parents? It looked a little like Russell but how much would I love it if Bill was back in Bon Temps and looking for Sookie’s precious blood even then?

    Nora spins off into religious ecstasy while praising Lilith.

  • Who released Russell?  I guess we are meant to suspect Nora, but I still don’t see how Nora would know he was there if Eric really didn’t tell her.  I still say it’s Salome!
  • That mysterious bottle of 18th century Austrian blood looks dangerous to me.

2 responses to “5.6 “Hopeless” Thoughts

  1. my money’s still on salome. remember the first time we saw russell recuperating, where a gloved hand revealed russell’s fragile — yet, still very horrifying — form? unless that was a flashback, then it couldn’t be nora, because she was already detained by the authority at that time. salome — via lilith. or salome as russell’s progeny.

    it was your theory, too, right?

  2. Didn’t Alcide get the call from his body guard about Russell being missing just after the first part of the witch war? He was with Sookie in the bar and everyone was dressed for Halloween, so it was before the final big blow-out at Bill’s house. So Russell’s rescue was definitely a flashback and Russell has been healing for however long it has been between the day of Halloween and whatever day it is now. (I think Pam had said Eric had been missing for four days by then? So maybe about a week by now?) So Nora was still free…but I still think it’s Salome. More than ever now, because Russell sure didn’t LOOK like he was silvered with an IV. Add to that that his iStake wasn’t working correctly and he had his own stake hidden on him! It all looked like an inside job, and who better than Salome to do all that? It seems to me that the only true Mainstreamers on that Council now were probably Roman, Roslyn and Dieter, and now I’m even wondering about those last two!

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