TV Line interview with Alan Ball *spoilers*

Michael Ausiello is so my hero to keep bringing these interviews.  Info below the cut.

  • Alan says there is a big body count in the finale, although they are not necessarily a lot of people we know.
  • The triangle comes into play but “it doesn’t have the effects the individuals intend. Certain people within that triangle think, “Well, I can always reach this person and keep them from doing something insane. And they’re going to find out that maybe that is not the case any more. Some people change. Some people change BIG. ”  PLEASE let this be an Evil Bill spoiler!!! Because Evil Bill is the only Bill I am interested in.  😀
  • Someone else is interested in Jason besides Rev. Steve Newlin.
  • Bill, Eric or Sookie is in the final shot of the season, but they haven’t finished the editing so AB can’t say which one it is.
  • Alan will be only “moderately” involved in True Blood up until the end; for now, he’ll come by, but he needs a break.

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